Newness of a name

I'm on the verge of being, officially, known by a different name. It's exciting and strange all at the same time. I always knew that I wanted to change my name when I got married, but now that the time is here I am starting to have some nostalgia about the official switch. I know I can technically go by whatever last name or combination of names that I want and in many instances I will include my maiden name so people can connect who I am. Legally, though, I'll have one name and it will be different. 

Currently, I'm in the "in between" phase with my bible study name tag having one name and me calling myself by another. Sometimes I forget, 'Oh, I'm sorry, I just got married! I'm having trouble remembering my name!" haha It doesn't help that my husband and I affectionately call each other by both our first and last names (my maiden name of course). This term of endearment is a nod to my college roommate's son who has always called me by both names--it's kind of like my first name he says!

My sense of nostalgia come mainly from it being a very outward sign of my life change when inwardly I'm still adjusting to the change. I studied journalism in college so I resonate with the written word. Seeing a different last name on the signature line helps put into perspective all the changes that have happened over the last few months. The longtime single life to married life with two cats, two fish tanks and two frogs has gone great, but my mind hasn't caught up to all of it! When Chad and I were dating, I never wanted to "jinx" my relationship by trying out how his last name might look as my last name. Up until I got married, I think I had only written out my now new name a handful of times thinking "I definitely don't want to mess anything up!" haha

So, with all this being said, it's time to go work on perfecting my new signature, get some snacks and a drink and prepare myself for the line at the Social Security Office to get this next phase of life started. 


Suburban gone country

As a person who has lived in the suburbs all of my life, I haven't had the experience of growing my own food or going out back to tend the garden. Sure, I grew up with pretty flowers and green grass, but besides the occasional tomato plant, our produce came from Kroger. Fast forward to buying my condo and I inherited a great patio area full of six-foot high Juniper bushes that covered the whole garden space you see now! Wow. Needless to say that my outdoor space has transformed through the years and this year I am beyond excited to tend to the raised bed garden that is now in the space! 

Through diligent research (we even went to a class that the Upper Arlington library held!), talking with others who had experience with this (thanks Andy and Laura Berger!) and some daydreaming, we started our journey. It's funny to look back now at how anxious I was for the seeds to grow in the little pots (as seen in one of the photos in the background). I might have been known to wake up every morning and rush into my office to see if today was the day I would see the plant pop through the soil! Today my fascination is more with what food scraps or things can I add to the compost pile (as seen in the photo that looks just like a pile of mulch). I still haven't figured out the nitrogen to carbon ratio that is needed, (did I mention I didn't have to take science classes for my journalism degree?) but am slowly learning that I need to have some "brown" elements (straw, hay, dried leaves, empty toilet paper rolls, etc) to mix with the "green elements" (food scraps, etc). 

I'm hoping to give more garden updates as the weeks go by and document my foray into "going country!" 

Changing my ways

I've been a night owl my whole life, but as I like to say, "I aspire to be a morning person." When Daylight Savings Time ends each fall and it gets dark before I leave work, I tend to get to bed a little earlier than usual. Today, for some reason I woke up at the crack of dawn today (okay, really 6:30 a.m. but for me that is EARLY!) and I realized why I wouldn't mind changing my ways to be a morning person. When you wake up to a sunrise like this it's easy to see why being an "early bird" has its perks!